„Aufzeichnungen“ und Aufzeichnen
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2021-          Apfelatlas
2017-2020: AVe Maria
                   (NOVEL/ ARTIST BOOK)
2017-2018: Our Gaze
2016: book semiotics
2016: Heinzelmenschen
2014: A Traveler's Guide to 
          (NOVEL/ ARTIST BOOK)

2013-2015: flip!
2010-2012: zusammenhang
2009-2010: silent years
2008: Materialpoesie
2007: flaschenpost
2007: abwesend, anwesend

Zeichnungen/ drawings/ 圖畫
Kalligrafie/ calligraphy/ 書法

book design/ 書籍設計

flip! in action flip! in action

working (in) process: flip! and more flip!s   
Through the search for the imagery of reading, “flip!” was born. Taking the practice of reading further by introducing a cinematic medium.
“flip!” is a book within a book: The physical presence of Tsou’s original book is “dissolved” from its three-dimensional form, through photographic means, reducing it to two-dimensions. These photos are then bound together returning it to the material world creating the “flip!”.

The modified imagery from the original book-object can be observed objectively as the relationship between the original and its reader is distinctly separated through the dematerialization process. However, traces of the original reading motion (in the turning of a page) is maintained through the changing images whilst flipping. “flip!” itself builds the second stage of reading, promoting awareness of the reading process and giving insight into how the book was originally experienced.

Henceforth, “flip!” becomes a new standalone object with its own distinctive materiality and appearance. The synesthetic experience of reading the original can now be compared with those of the flipbook. flip! presents the reading process in a visual way: A commentary on reading.